Always Get A Second Opinion On Your Claim

The insurance companies know they can offer you less money in a fast settlement. Without careful guidance from an attorney who knows the system, you could be settling for much less than your policy owes you.

At Gerald McKenzie Attorney at Law, I have a broad business and finance background paired with over 25 years of experience practicing law. From blue collar workers to business executives, I have successfully represented clients in all matters of insurance disputes.

Let me handle your case involving:

  • Post-disaster claims for hurricanes and storms
  • Property damage to your company or home
  • Challenging what the insurance company offers you
  • Denied claims
  • Underpaid claims
  • Injuries sustained from a negligent party

The Insurance Company Is Not Always Right

Insurance agents may give you the impression that you need to accept their first offer to get the money. Many people say yes because they feel desperate and need the money for expenses. However, there are state statutes that govern what insurance companies must do for your claim. You could be owed much more than they are telling you.

To understand what you are owed, I will assemble a skilled team to estimate the damages. By using contractors, adjusters and accountants, we can find our own assessment of the compensation you deserve.

Hurricanes And Natural Disasters

I have a strong reputation for representing victims of hurricanes in Panama City and Bay County, Florida. Often, after a disaster, damage estimates are not comprehensive. Insurance companies do not investigate as thoroughly as they should for damages, and adjusters do not spend appropriate time at the damaged property.

Additionally, I advise my clients to be careful whom they hire to make repairs and complete renovations after a disaster. You may hire someone to complete work that requires a down payment. After receiving your money, they will disappear with no work done. There are many scams out there that are easily avoidable with an attorney to look over their contracts.

Strong Evidence Means Big Settlements

Majority of my cases settle out of court. This is due to the strong case documentation I create. The insurance company usually cannot argue the evidence and experts I assemble for your case. If your claim needs to go to court, I am an aggressive litigator who will fight for you.

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