Accident Victims Deserve Compensation For Injuries And Damages

When you work with me, Gerald McKenzie, I will always work hard to put you in the best position to maximize your claim. I will ensure that you get the correct medical attention for your accident. Additionally, I will advise you on everything you should be aware of to help yourself after a serious accident.

At my firm, Gerald McKenzie Attorney at Law, I handle a variety of personal injury cases, including car accidents, truck accidents and pedestrian accidents. I can also assist with cases involving products liability and premises liability.

What To Expect During A Personal Injury Case

Do not worry. I will outline how your case is likely to work and provide realistic expectations for the process and compensation. The time frame for these cases can range from weeks to years depending on the complexities of the accident and the injuries involved.

I work on a contingency fee-based practice. This means you will never have to pay me any money upfront for my services. You only pay when we recover compensation for your case.

The unfortunate reality is that not every case is a huge payoff. I will give you realistic expectations and fight for maximum compensation.

Avoid These Common Mistakes

Seeing accident victims make mistakes that cost them medical care or compensation is one of the hardest parts of this profession. I recommend that people first contact a lawyer for a free consultation on their case. Acting on the advice of an attorney can save you costly mistakes or prevent losing your case.

I recommend that all my personal injury clients do the following:

  1. Avoid giving statements to the insurance company that can hurt your claim later.
  2. Do not treat the insurance company like they are your ally — their only alliance is to save their company money.
  3. Do not give out too much information about your claim. Get clear guidance on what to say before you talk to anyone.
  4. Visit a doctor or medical facility within 14 days of the accident, or you risk jeopardizing your benefits.

Calculating The Compensation You Deserve

I help my clients calculate their injury claim and consider any unique factors. This will determine the amount I ask on your behalf for a settlement or damages won at trial. I consider elements such as:

  • Costs of total medical bills
  • Type of treatment received, such as utilizing physical therapy
  • The impact of the injury on your ability to work
  • The overall effect of the accident on your life
  • Any damage to the vehicles involved

There may be multiple parties that could be found to have caused your injury. Call my Pensacola, Florida, office at 850-462-5593 or schedule a free consultation to discuss your compensation today.

Do not wait to get an attorney involved. Investigating what caused the injury right away can make all the difference in your claim.